Last comments for unserialize()

On 17. May 2016 02:16 sas wrote:


On 18. Apr 2016 13:34 ki gall wrote:

great effort

On 15. Jan 2014 02:22 smackyou wrote:

This function has serious problem - it won't accept multibyte strings. Please fix it. Thanks!

On 22. Oct 2013 00:33 poweruser wrote:

I love it! Suggestion- The font you use for the data output is way too decorative and difficult to read. I suggest that you use fixed-width font such as Courier.

On 18. Jul 2013 01:31 vladusponuns wrote:

The most easy to use php unserializer I ever seen!

On 30. Apr 2013 13:23 Michal wrote:

This is great for getting variables content in form which you can easily copypaste into your code (for example test Mocks). Great

On 23. Nov 2012 07:49 Awais wrote:

Like it

On 05. Jul 2012 10:34 alexions wrote:

You should add "Clear field" button.

On 24. Sep 2010 11:55 Chris Shennan wrote:

I've been having trouble debugging serialized data in my project as it's not been easy to read the stored data. This tool saves me so much time and makes it much easier to read, and pin point where my problems are located so I can sort them out. Many thanks. Chris.

On 18. May 2010 10:07 ReSpawN wrote:

Hi! I've been using this tool for over 4 months now and I've never really said anything! Thanks a bunch for creating this awesome tool. Saves me a lot of time typing a dumb function that does this smoothly every time I need it... Thanks again!