Execute and test several functions of the programming language PHP right here online. Choose your function from one of the categories array, cryptography, custom, date and time, general, math, regular expression, string or URL.

But not only native PHP functions could be used. I have written some custom functions, such as a random password generator or a function to check the distance between two points on the earth. Discover some more in the category.

The execution is doged with a complex error-reporting. You get all errors with your execution that you expect from PHP. Only some FATAL-erros could not be catched in some cases, but they occur very rarely.

If you miss a PHP function or have a function that should be public here, send me a notice and i will take a look at it.

The description of the functions is available in 10 languages english, german (deutsch), spanish (español), french (français), italian (italiano), japanese (日本語), portuguese (português), russian (русский), turkish (türk) and chinese (中文).

Have much fun!