Last comments for sha1()

On 02. Feb 2015 09:33 nineoclick wrote:

Should be added the "raw_output" bool param second argument, to return the output in binary format 20 char length.

On 28. Jun 2012 04:08 bugefun wrote:

I agree with cbix. You should be able to find the hash of hex.

On 29. Dec 2011 13:48 cbix wrote:

Entity decoding would be nice so i could generate hash for series of bytes, e.g.    

On 29. Nov 2010 00:20 Lazikas wrote:

Great tool, thnx !!!

On 09. Sep 2009 19:19 johnnyLennon wrote:

thanks a lot. I'm a develover, so I implemented this function to validate the passwd's in my site. Somebody deleted my principal User and I couldn't login again. I used this tool to view my pass translated into sha1 algorithm, so Thanks!!!